Essence Portraits
Women, Children, Pets (scroll down for more examples of portraits)

From your heart to my heart and back again. I have received an impassioned desire to shine the love you feel back to you in a work of art. Essence portraits capture the beautiful feelings, or memories you have, for your loved one(s); or for the unconditional love from your adored pet; or to see a painting of how you see yourself in your mind’s eye… or to express a special transformation you have achieved. Each portrait is unique, we can decide together if using the entire body, or face, or just the eyes will best capture your feelings.  

We are all drawn to various types of artwork. As you look at the artwork below, the paintings that pull you in are a reflection of yourself and will likely inspire ideas for your own custom portrait. We will discuss this.


Imagine seeing yourself, or your loved one, as a fairy, or an angel? …in a field of poppies? or surrounded by hummingbirds …or will a powerful black and white image capture your personality best?

Or if a loving animal portrait is desired, think of how much your heart will smile when you see your pet in a whimsical environment…or with their favorite toys (or YOU)…or beautifully posed in the perfect environment that captures their personality…Or…?

My gift is capturing the essence of the person or animal I am creating. I am truly following my heart to offer these portraits. It is my gift to you. I believe this painting, expressing your love, will be a daily inspiration of your beautiful feelings.

Commission Your Portrait

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The Process

FIRST STEP: Select the size of your portrait and the payment.  These are INTRODUCTORY PRICES ONLY!!!... Prices certainly subject to CHANGE .

Contact me with questions to discuss the possibilities before making the first payment.

---Upon receipt of the down payment, you will receive a questionnaire to discover your favorite colors, and what makes you smile, or feel at peace. This may be a good time to locate photos that open your heart.

----We will then talk on the phone to create the vision you have for yourself, your loved one, your child, or your pet.

---- After receiving your favorite photos, the magic begins. I become connected to your energy and every moment of creating is pure joy.

I have been labeled a fantasy artist, but to me this is reality. This is the way I see and feel the world and why creating a loving world for you is an expression of what life is truly about: LOVE.

---Creating a commissioned portrait can take months or weeks, depending on your request.

---After we have a vision of what you desire, I will be able to give you a date for the expected completion.

---I will enjoy sending you photos of the progress along the way! 

---Upon completion, you will receive a final photo, upon approval... and I guarantee satisfaction... at this time the final payment is required.

---Upon completion you will be billed the cost for shipping, and after drying time for several coats of varnish, your creation will be on its way to you!!

The final work of art could be created with mixed media of acrylic, oil, watercolor, or colored pencil (or possibly a bit of collage such as gold or glittery fabric, or jewels if it seems appropriate)

and presented on a high quality smooth acid-free hard surface board made by Ampersand, in a 1.5 “cradle".

These beautiful works of art will be varnished and can be framed with NO GLASS REQUIRED, or can be displayed without a frame.