BE a Portrait of FUN!

                          " OHHH THANK YOUUU !!!!! " ...The BEST PRAYER we can ever say!

                          " OHHH THANK YOUUU !!!!! " ...The BEST PRAYER we can ever say!

                  What are YOU having FUN doing? I rediscovered my passion to create portraits while working on my book, 

"Living LIFE on a RAINBOW!

transformation from Insecurity to WILD CONFIDENCE!"

I am SO THANKFUL when inspiration and ideas flow in! ..aren't you?

I am reminded more and more about the POWER and SIMPLICITY of saying THANK YOU...Being in a place of gratitude brings such peace and feeling of well-being. When you are grateful you can't be angry, or fearful.

 I love reading about Tony Robbin's morning ritual: After a deep breathing process, he lists 3 things he is grateful for, one of these being grateful for something very small, like Thank you for laughter, or for Rainbows, or for the smile on my friend's face. He then spends the next three minutes seeking strength and wishing good things on his family, friends, and clients. He considers it a spiritual exercise, but it doesn't need to be tied to religion.

I just love this and benefit so beautifully from this simple and profound way to start the day!

I feel very grateful that you are here with me, reading this, and sharing the FUN of feeling FREE to express ourselves! 

Life is truly a blessing...we have so much to CELEBRATE!

Join me for more COLORFUL FUN.....

                              COME CELEBRATE !......You can always create a reason to Celebrate!

                              COME CELEBRATE !......You can always create a reason to Celebrate!

As an artist, I experience Color as a powerful way to communicate. 

In future blogs, I will be sharing more about color. Each color expresses a unique personality trait. Join me as we explore the full spectrum of life....

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                                               ENJOY!! ...My Art on Clothing!..... CELEBRATE COLOR!

                                               ENJOY!! ...My Art on Clothing!..... CELEBRATE COLOR!