About Joan Marie

Joan Marie creates "Art that CELEBRATES!" Vibrant positive energy transports the viewer into a state of PURE JOY and Fun! Launching new designs featuring owls, kittens, unicorns, angels, wild cats, and women. Licensing is Joan's passion, creating art that raises the world’s happiness quota one product at a time. She has sold millions of products with her images on stationery, back to school, wall art, transfers, and novelty items around the world. Licensing designs with:

  • Zeptolab, "Cut the Rope" video game
  • The Hamilton Collection
  • Air Waves Inc.
  • American Puzzle Company
  • Switchplate Gallery
  • Heaven And Earth Designs, to name a few...

Her limited edition lithographs were featured and advertised regularly in Collector’s Mart Magazine. She also garnered covers and feature articles in numerous other magazines.

From her exclusive “Joan Marie Gallery”, in Union Station Mall in St. Louis, Joan Marie sold originals, limited edition prints and products, where signing autographs during her regular Sunday afternoon visits raised the energy level to that of a rock concert.

She is focused on the industry that makes her heart sing – licensing. 

Working with her you will discover her enthusiastic, easy, and cooperative personality. She is dedicated, driven, and prolific. Creating inspired art is her daily coffee and passion.

Originally from St. Louis, Joan Marie received her BFA in painting from Washington University, and MFA from Lindenwood University and the University of South Florida in Tampa. St. Louis is home again. She spent her formative art years in Tampa, Florida; Sedona, Arizona; and LA, returning home where her goal is to electrify and energize the viewer’s spirit. 

MEET KATE MILLER, writer… Upon request, all of Joan Marie’s images are available with Kate’s words, which express the heart of her art. Together, Joan’s Art and Kate’s words capture the magic and inspiration that belong to us all. The magnetic bond they have shared over the past 25 years pay tribute to the life’s purpose of their artistic and personal partnership.


Examples of Kate's words…