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Living Life on a RAINBOW!! At age 19 I was awestruck by Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. Profoundly inspired by the incredible power of art, my life's purpose to add positive energy to the world through my art, became a burning desire!!! OH YESSS!!!!! Join me to raise the happiness level one colorful product at a time! OH WOW!!! ...Through the years my colors evolved from black and white, to loving pastels, to my current radiant RAINBOW BRIGHT PALETTE!!!! FUN!!! I no longer have neutrals in my closet!  HA!!  I believe in the fun of discovering what lights you up in life! As a high school art teacher my vision for every student was to be in love with themselves, helping them to discover and expand who they are. FUN!!! Color brings smiles and radiates energy. In my newsletter, I am over-the-moon thrilled to share what I have discovered about each color, how it affects our lives, and sharing my latest artistic creations and products that will keep you smiling. OH it's a DREAM come true!! Join the fun by signing up for my monthly newsletter below... (:  (:  (:  It's hard to express how thrilled I am that you will be joining me!!!!



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